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Cassandra Murmur3Partitioner token calculator

Cassandra recently replaced the default partitioner from the old RandomPartitioner to the much faster Murmur3Partitioner. The RandomPartitioner implementation uses MD5 hashes for the tokens, whereas Murmur3Partitioner uses, you guessed it, Murmur3. I was recently looking for a simple Javascript utility to generate the tokens for a Murmur3 based cluster, but could not find any. So…

Implementing robsort() in Javascript

Reading on Google+ I saw a post by Rob Malda describing a very inefficient sorting algorithm he designed while in college. The gist of the algorithm is:

But how inefficient is it? Well, here’s a simple javascript implementation.

Did somebody logged remotely into my laptop?

So, somebody needed to log in remotely to my laptop,

I get an alert whenever he is logged in. Bam!! (I know, there’s an app for that -or twenty-, but if it can be scripted the app is useless)