This is a proof of concept of a method for finding the IP address of a twitter user. Please read this blog post for the whole info, although there is nothing special here.

The complete process is:

  • Create a new twitter account, and make sure nobody follows it
  • Use the button below to generate a random URL. DO NOT OPEN THAT URL IN YOUR BROWSER!!!
  • Write down the ID that will appear below the URL
  • Write a targeted tweet from your new and unfollowed account mentioning the person whose IP address you want to find out, and include the link you generated in step 2. A targeted tweet must include some personal info (for example: Hey Mike, haven't seen you in a while, do you still live in Atlanta? Here's a pic of you I always remember!!, the target name must be Mike and he must have lived in Atlanta. You want the user to click on the image, or let his twitter client open it as a preview)
  • Make sure nobody follows the account you are using!!
  • Return to this page and enter the code in the 'Enter your code here' box and press 'Submit'
  • Refresh that page until the IP address appears

  • Are you ready? Click on the button below!!!

    Do you already have an ID? Enter your code here and click submit to see if we have the IP address:

    Please note that this is only a proof of concept. IP addresses are public by definition and should not be considered a secret. Please do not use this tool with foul intentions :D