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Birthday Games for Sebas and Santiago

My youngest sons, Santiago and Sebastian, turned 11 and 14 on August 3 and 11 respectively. As I’ve done a couple times before, on the day of their birthday they had to sit in front of the TV to play a game I’d created for them in order to find where the presents were.

This year I created two games: Santiago’s and Sebastian’s. Santiago’s game was actually Lovecraft’s Polaris, one of my favorite short stories ever. I’m a huge Lovecraft nerd and Santiago and I enjoy playing Elder Sign on a weekly (and sometimes daily hehe) basis. I wanted to use the original story for this game, but Lovecraft’s English can be a bit hard for an 11 year old who’s been speaking the language for less than 2 years. I also didn’t want the experience to be a Q&A or an exercise in frustration, trying to get the game over so he could go play with his new toys. In his game I chose one word per segment, so he had to read the whole text to enter the correct answer (or he could look at the source code and ace the game in about 30 seconds). This music was playing in the background while he played.

Sebastian’s game was 100% pure math. Since he did such a great job with Algebra I during the summer I wanted him to show us all his math skills and he did splendidly. He had such a great time answering all the questions and explaining us why his answer was the correct one. It was really fun watching him making calculations in his head and making sure he was entering the correct amount of 0s and 1s.

In all, as always I really enjoyed creating the games (and the screens displayed when they entered the wrong answer hehe), but watching them play and laugh or get creeped out by the stories was absolutely amazing. I’ll definitely create a couple of games for them next year.

Here’s Santiago playing his game (as always, Sebas did not want us to take any pictures of him):

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